2018 ACM-ICPC Jiaozuo Online Contest

A. Magic Mirror

solved by CSL. 0:04(+)

B. Mathematical Curse

solved by ybmj. 2:47(+4)

E. Jiu Yuan Wants to Eat

solved by CSL. 3:18(+)

F. Modular Production Line

solved by ybmj. 3:30(+)

G. Give Candies

solved by moira. 0:31(+)

H. String and Times

solved by CSL. 1:31(+1)

I. Save the Room

solved by CSL. 0:19(+)

J. Participate in E-sports

solved by CSL. 2:02(+)



K. Transport Ship

solved by ybmj. 1:07(+)

L. Poor God Water

solved by CSL. 0:56(+)