2018 ACM-ICPC Nanjing Online Contest

A. An Olympian Math Problem

solved by Moira. 0:06(+)

B. The writing on the wall

solved by ybmj. 2:32(+1)


solved by CSL. 4:20(+3)

D. Jerome's House

upsolved by CSL. (-1)

E. AC Challenge

solved by CSL. 1:09(+2)

G. Lpl and Energy-saving Lamps

solved by CSL. 3:43(+1)

H. Set

updsolved by CSL.

I. Skr

solved by CSL. 1:26(+1)

J. Sum

solved by Moira. 1:05(+)

K. The Great Nim Game

upsolved by CSL.

L. Magical Girl Haze

solved by CSL. 0:50(+2)