2018 ACM-ICPC Shenyang Online Contest

A. Gudako and Ritsuka

unsolved. (-2)

B. Call of Accepted

solved by CSL. 1:33(+3)

C. Convex Hull

solved by Moira. 2:21(+)

D. Made In Heaven

solved by CSL. 0:41(+1)

F. Fantastic Graph

solved by CSL. 2:39(+)

G. Spare Tire

solve by ybmj. 2:12(+1)

I. Lattice's basics in digital electronics

solved by ybmj. 3:04(+)

J. Ka Chang

solved by CSL. 4:11(+1)

K. Supreme Number

solved by CSL. 0:23(+)