2018 ACM-ICPC Xuzhou Online Contest

A. Hard to prepare

solved by CSL. 2:15(+)


By ultmaster:

  • 异或和同或基本是一样的。除了 为偶数的时候,同或多 种方案。
  • 这样就转化成异或的问题,这是一个经典的容斥问题。答案就是

B. BE, GE or NE

solved by ybmj. 1:26(+)

C. Cacti Lottery

solved by ybmj. 4:19(+1)

D. Easy Math

solved by Moira. 3:22(+1)

F. Features Track

solved by ybmj. 1:04(+2)

G. Trace

solved by CSL. 1:09(+)

H. Ryuji doesn't want to study

solved by CSL. 0:39(+)

I. Characters with Hash

solved by ybmj. 0:20(+)

J. Maze Designer

solved by CSL. 4:52(+1)

K. Morgana Net

upsolved by CSL. (-2)


  • 例如样例1中的转移矩阵为一个的单位矩阵。